What is the process of how to design a website? The first step is to select your preferred site builder from the several options available to you. The next step is to choose the theme for your web page. Make sure that your site created by your web design services is user-friendly and is easy to navigate. Design your web pages in an attractive manner that would attract traffic to your site without a problem.

  • Choose your website builder according to your requirement. Choose the layout that you prefer. Create your pages in a neat and tidy manner. Make your web pages easily navigable. Test and tweak your web page until you are satisfied.
  • Get indexed in popular search engines like Google and Yahoo! Check for any spelling errors,broken links or any other problems on your site and then fix them. If you want to sell products online,make sure that your site is secure. Also ensure that your website is not a virus or worm. Do not use software that has viruses on it.
  • Once the design of your web page is complete,you need to create a database for the purpose of storing the content of your website as well as the information about your visitors. If you are selling products online,you will have to upload images,files,videos,audio clips or other multimedia content to this database. The information such as the product name,address,email id,payment details,description of the product and its price should be entered into the database. You should also add a link to your online store if you are selling online.
  • Once your database is ready,you should then start writing the content for your web page. For this purpose you need to hire a freelance writer who is proficient in the field of web designing.
  • Now that your web page is ready,you can go to the search engines to drive traffic to your page. However,your page will fail if it is not optimized properly. You should do a search on the web for a free keyword tool which will help you optimize your page. the keyword density of your web page. Search engines will then check your page and will rank it accordingly.
  • Once you get ranked highly in the search engine results,you will get a good amount of website traffic. This is one of the most effective methods to drive website traffic. Once you are ranking highly,your visitors will be able to view the website in the top positions of the results page. This will increase your visibility in the market. As you gain more traffic to your website,more people will visit your website thus increasing the revenue from your business.
  • After driving enough traffic to your website,you can then monetize the website to make it profitable. This is known as affiliate marketing or web marketing. Here you will make money by promoting products and services of another person.
  • There are many people who sell services on their websites and you should consider this option when you design your web page. Another idea to monetize your website is by advertising it on other websites or blogs.
  • When you design a website,you should think of making it search engine friendly. This will help it to rank high in the search results and will result in more traffic and hence more income.
  • Website hosting is another aspect that needs consideration when you design a website. The purpose of hosting your website should be to keep the data of your website safe from hackers.

You can get the services of various web design studio to design your website. They usually charge you depending on the number of pages and the complexity of your project. So,go through the various options and choose the one which suits you.